►  About Alexandrafox69:
I am a girl who wants to live out many fantasies and have a great time online. I am open to listening to the requirements and want you to listen to mine and have a great time.
 ►  Erotic interests of Alexandrafox69:
bondage, scat, pee, role playing, live dates
 ►  Description of Alexandrafox69:
Age: 20 / Leo
Aus: Tuluá, Colombia
Languages: English, German
Height / Body: 170cm normal
Gender: transsexual
Preferences: bisexual
Hair color: black, long
Piercing: multiple
Bra size:
Complexion: white
Eye color: black
Shave: fully shaved
Character: dominant, fair-minded, hard, shy
 ►  Hobbies of Alexandrafox69:
Sex online, go shopping, reading

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